Gibson, Dennis

Dennis Gibson

Gibson, Dennis '57I married Carol, the most beautiful and kind (except sometimes to me!) woman in the world in 1960. Gene Robbins was my Best Man and begged me to go to Mexico with him instead of getting married. A short while later, he did the same thing to Jim Sampson. I guess Gene being your best man is what you need for a long-lasting marriage!

Carol and I have two boys, two girls, three grandsons, four granddaughters, one daughter-in-law and two sons-in-law, all of whom we adore. Oh, yeah! We have one miniature Schnauzer, Annie, and we love her too! Over the years we have lived in several places: Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, Germany, North Carolina and Utah; all good experiences. I once worked for Jim Sampson at Graybar Electric. He saved me from tight situations a few times! Thanks, Jim!

Dennis Gibson '07Since I never cared much for large corporations, or their politics, I became self-employed in 1976. The Sales Rep. business allowed us a nice life, and helped get all our kids through college. I retired in 2001 and Carol retired from her Executive Assistant position in 2005. Life is great! I play a lot of golf (not very good), a lot of poker (I do okay), and watch a lot of sports on the tube. Carol and I are both healthy and happy, as are our children and grandchildren. We feel very fortunate. I also feel fortunate that my best friends in the world in 1957 are still my best friends in the world today. Oh yeah! Isn’t Medicare GREAT!!