Collins, Jerry & Carolyn (Gerten Collins)

Jerry and Carolyn Gerten-Collins


You may not remember Jerry (Gerald) and me in school.  We were rather low profile.  I attended the Catholic school through my sophomore year. Then went to Enid High my junior and senior year. Belonging to DECA, I worked at Morgan’s Diamond Shop, still finding lots of time for my friends in both schools.


Jerry on the other hand was more into the Playboy’s Car Club and National Guard than into school.  He did have a favorite class, which happened to be Art.  Miss Bales never caught on that all his sketches were of Bank Lumber Company, across the street from Dairy Maid #14.


Jerry and I did not know each other in high school; we must not have been too impressed with each other at the time.  We met for the first time in 1958 at Dairy Maid #14 (how romantic). We hit it off and were married in September of 1959. 


Since then, we had two lovely daughters; both are great moms to our 3 grandsons from 13 to 16 years.   Even though all live in Oklahoma, we do not seem to see them enough. They are busy; we are busy so when time permits we make the best of it.


I had worked for Oil & Gas companies for more than 30 years and grew tired of the ups and downs of the industry so I went to work in the accounting department of Gaillardia Country Club in Oklahoma City late in 1999.  I love the people contact.


Jerry had traveled all over the mid-west and south-west USA as a sales representative of industrial rubber companies.  He retired in 2001.  As a bored, stay at home husband we decided he needed a part-time occupation.  He has been working part time Land Company assisting in oil and gas leasing since August 2005. We both have been happier people since.


I love gardening of all kinds it is a kind of outdoor therapy and have served as President of the Water Garden Society of Oklahoma this year and in 1996.  I have enjoyed serving on most of the committees through the years with Jerry at my side.


Jerry is more into inanimate objects.  He thrives on the latest electronics.  He probably has more TV’s, telephones etc in our house than anybody I know.


We love people, music and travel; all of which make us happy.  In our younger years we made many trips to Mexico. In our travels, we had trips by trains, planes, buses and automobiles. Jerry also took many trips by motorcycle to the back country where most cars wouldn’t go. Since I didn’t ride on the motorcycle, one time I rode on a second class bus with the chickens and goats. We would meet up each night. The adventure was overwhelming but I learned fast not to do that again.  Life has been an adventure, as Jerry knows no fear.  He delighted in getting us in tight spots that I was not sure we would live through.  A bit more cautious of late, we enjoy the western states and cruises.  The eat, drink and make new friends are better for now.