McManemin, Frances

 Frances McManemin

After high school graduation I attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. I majored in education and received my BS in the summer of 1962. During high school I dated Paul Gauley. We married September 10, 1960 just after he graduated from pilots training at Vance AFB. We moved to Plattsburg, NY where he flew KC-97s and I attended The State University of NY at Plattsburg. I spent the summer of 1962 at OSU and completed my degree. When I returned to Plattsburg I taught school for 2 years. At that time Paul was transferred into KC-135s and we lived in Merced, CA while he received his training. We then moved to Ft. Worth, TX in 1964 and lived at Carswell AFB for about 2.5 years. While there I started graduate school at TCU majoring in Speech and Hearing Pathology.

In the spring of 1964, Paul received a much coveted transfer to fighter pilot school and we moved again to North Las Vegas, NV where he trained to fly F-105s. In November, 1966 he left the US and was stationed in Thailand flying the F-105s over North Vietnam, Laos, and NE Thailand. On January 10, 1967 he was shot down. He was declared KIA but his body has never been recovered although the site where his plane went down has been explored by the teams excavating such sites in both North and South Vietnam and Laos. During the time he was overseas I stayed in Stillwater but after his plane went down I moved back to Ft. Worth and returned to graduate school.

In May of 1968, I married Al Jones and acquired a 5 year old step-daughter, Holly at the same time. We lived in Weatherford and I was a stay at home wife for awhile. On December 2, 1969 we had a baby daughter, Heather Allison. Heather is now 37 years old and has 2 daughters and a husband, David. My oldest granddaughter is Allison (19) who will be a sophomore at SMU this fall. Her sister is 14 year old Sarah who will be in the 9th grade in Midlothian, TX.

Al and I moved to and worked in Baton Rouge, LA for 2 years and then moved back to live and work in Ft. Worth for 2 more years. We both worked for Tandy Corporation. We were then transferred to Tulsa and lived there about 3 years. When we moved to Dallas, I worked for about a year and returned to graduate school at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX. I had intended to find a masters program in psychology but instead found myself in a doctoral program in Clinical Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. I graduated with a PhD in Psychology in Dec 1985. I did an internship at Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, Tx. and a post-doctoral fellowship at a rehabilitation center in Dallas and stayed with them for about 10 years (till 1995). Al and I divorced in 1990.

Since 1995 I have had my own business, seeing private patients, and consulting in physiological monitoring (biofeedback, neurofeedback, phototherapy, Heart Rate Variability, and Quantitative EEG). I taught biofeedback at the UNT (North Texas) psychology department from 1991 to 1998. In 1998 I moved to San Francisco, CA . During this time I also traveled back and forth to Belgium doing consulting work there. I moved back to Dallas in 2001 and have lived and worked here part-time ever since. During these years, I have had some health challenges but seem to keep on keeping on.

For those of you who knew my family, my father died in 1966 just 6 months before Paul; my sister, Lois in 1987; and my mother in 1999. My other sister, Ruth, lives near me in Arlington, Tx.