Jones (Dearborn), Joyce

Joyce Bruner Jones-Dearborn

Jones-JoycePaul and I have been married almost 44 years. He retired from the Air Force in 1968. We had been living in Mountain Home, Idaho and decided to move to OKLAHOMA, as my parents lived in Waynoka. Paul worked for Addressogragh-Multigraph for 20 years and I had my own accounting business, working from my home.

We have three wonderful children:
Rick Dearborn, age 42, is single and works in DC. He is Chief of Staff for Senator Sessions of Alabama.
Penny Dearborn, age 41 is married to James Cain. Both are attorneys in NYC. They have restored an old brownstone. They have one little girl, Keith Ford Dearborn Cain, age 4 1/2.
Tami Dearborn, age 40, is a single mom. She is a teacher in Mid West City and she has a daughter, Taylor Rene Dearborn age 8 1/2. Tami lives in Edmond near us.

We have been blessed in many ways. My parents both lived with us until their passing. My dad was 98 years old. My husband, Paul, suffered a stroke just before my dad passed away, so I have been a care giver for many years. We have home-care and we are thankful for each day.

Taylor is my sunshine, I care for her before and after school; I have learned there is nothing like an 8 year old to keep me young. Plus we just got a Yorkie; “Rocket” is certainly adding his share of action to our household. I hope all of the class has a wonderful reunion. You have worked hard to make it a great memory. Best of luck to all of you.
Joyce Dearborn