Murray Cock, Zella

Zella Murray-Cock


On May 31, 1957, two hundred and eighty two of us graduated from Enid High School as the Class of 1957.  I don’t remember a lot about that day but being the emotional person I am, I do remember that for me, it was filled with tremendous highs and lows. I was happy to have gained my independence but sad at the thought of leaving my special friends, knowing that things would never again be the same for us.  We’d all go our separate ways, be scattered to various parts of the world and would probably never see each other again.

I had received my high school diploma but really didn’t have a clue as to what I would do with my life.

I went to work for Francis I. DuPont, a brokerage firm in Enid and  I have to admit that I thought I had landed on another planet.  I had entered a world where no one spoke the language that I had been taught in school.  In the land of DuPont, they talked about the Dow Jones Average (which was hovering around 500) blue chip stocks, bonds, commodities, symbols, charts, ups, downs, margins, puts, calls, shorts and P.E. ratios.  As an 18 year old, this was all foreign to me and in the beginning, all I could think of was escaping that crazy world but fortunately, I persevered and by the time I left DuPont in 1959, I could talk “the bulls and the bears” with the best of them.  I worked for DuPont for two years and received an education in finance that would interest and benefit me the rest of my life.

In September 1957, I met 1st Lieutenant, Leon Jerald Cock, a native of Meadows of Dan, Virginia. (Blue Ridge Mountain country….beautiful!)  He had graduated from Virginia Military Institute (with a Civil Engineering degree) and was stationed at Vance Air Force Base as a pilot.  We were married in 1959 at the West Side Baptist Church in Enid.

In 1960, Leon resigned his commission from the Air Force and went to work for Alcoa Aluminum in Houston, Texas. While Leon worked for Alcoa, I attended Houston Baptist University.

 For nearly five years, we were happy, snug and secure in Houston but beginning in 1965 (and for the next three years) Alcoa made a full time job of transferring us from Alameda and Pleasant Hills, California  to Murrysville and Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania and then to Dallas, Texas.  Finally, to our delight, in November 1968, we were sent to Riverside, California.

In Riverside, I went to work for the owner of a shopping center development company.  I was responsible for advertising and marketing the shopping centers that were built by that company.  Over the span of the next twenty years, I worked as Assistant Manager – Director of Marketing for three major shopping centers, each growing larger and with more responsibility than the last.  I had started my career in strip or neighborhood centers of about 20,000 square feet of retail space, with ten to fifteen stores and  twenty years later, I ended my career as Assistant Manager -Director of Marketing of a two level, super regional  l,500,000 square foot shopping center with two hundred and fifty stores.

When one markets a shopping center, it is his responsibility to bring customers to the center though advertising and through special events.  I loved the advertising, especially the supervision of shooting television commercials but promotional events were really my forte. These events are comprised of various things., from merchandising events, to community events to traffic building events etc.  Being so close to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, many of our traffic building events, included  special guest appearances of celebrities, either in fashion shows, autograph signing sessions, musical shows or special appearance events. Through these various events, I was able to work, with celebrities that I had only seen on television, in the movies or in the theatre.  All in all, I worked  ONE on ONE,  with over 50 stars such as  Zsa  Zsa Gabor, Jane Powell, Vanessa Redgrave, Ginger Rogers, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Rosemary Clooney and nearly ALL of the Lawrence Welk singers and dancers.

In reflecting on my career, I would say the highlight was when The International Council of Shopping Centers, (the shopping center trade organization, consisting of 60,000 members) asked me to organize and preside over a super fashion show, to be presented from the stage of The Grand Show Room of the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, the stage where Elvis performed during his career. I was given an unlimited budget and was able to hire the finest musicians, singers, dancers and models whose talents made for a special production.  The show was attended by 2500 members of my profession and was a  tremendous success.

While in the shopping center business, I took a two year correspondence course in Interior Design and received an Interior Design Certification from LaSalle, University in Chicago, Illinois. I love that industry but, my main interest was in marketing and managing major shopping centers, so I updated my skills by attending special marketing classes at California Polytechnical Institute in Pomona, California, Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan and the University of Arizona, in Tucson, Arizona. 

 Since fashion is an integral part in the marketing of a major shopping center, I studied fashion and fashion presentation extensively with the Riverside fashion doyenne, who herself had studied at the Fashion Institute in New York City.  She was the most “fashion savvy lady “ I have ever met and it was a privilege to be associated with her. While studying with her, I was fortunate to co-host a major fashion event with “THE”  Mr. Blackwell of  Worst and Best  Dressed fame. Unlike his reputation, he is a very kind and gentle person and I enjoyed working with him immensely. 

I had a fabulous career that when I was growing up I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams.  When I think back on it, I am astounded as to how I was led to it one step at a time, never really knowing where I was going until I landed smack dab in the middle of it. What a joy it is for one to be able to earn a living, doing something that he/she absolutely loves. How lucky I was to have been so fortunate. 

I could never write a “bio” without paying tribute to my parents, my siblings and my church.  What wonderful components they were and are in my life. My parents (the best) were hard working, blue collar people who devoted their lives to their children. It was their goal in life to raise, good, kind, caring, loving, considerate, responsible children and I am proud to say that they were a SUCCESS!!! My two older sisters and two younger brothers have been a blessing to me and I can’t imagine what life would have been like without any of the four of them.  I thank God that they belong to me!!!

 In my growing up years, I was deeply involved in the Baptist church and spent most of my leisure and social time at the West Side Baptist Church in Enid. I developed Christian friends there with whom I am still close and when I am in Enid, Sunday mornings will find me worshiping in that little church.  My Christian faith, which I discovered as an early teenager, is a constant in my life and brings me peace and joy and sustains me on a daily basis.

Leon and I have been retired since 1990. We have traveled extensively and with the world in the shape it’s in, I think we just about have that part of our lives behind us. We have been through most phases that people go through in their lives and I feel I am entering into another one right now…..a phase of contentment.  At this point in my life, my desires and needs are simple. The older I get, the less I want.  Excess drives me crazy and I refuse to be held hostage to possessions.  I like a plain and simple, peace and quiet kind of life. I guess that’s what the senior years are all about, at least they are for me.  No, I don’t mean to imply that I am through with life, I am just through with the frivolous, excessive part of it. I have developed a sort of “been there, done that” attitude.

 In retirement, I busy myself with a number of activities and interests which include, family, friends, health, exercise, religion, bridge, reading, history, live theatre, music of all types (especially live performances,) the computer, limited travel, and the stock market.  (Remember Francis I. DuPont?)

I began this biography, expressing my fear that once we graduated from high school that my friends from school would scatter to the four corners of the world, never to be heard from again. I am happy to say that I could never have been more wrong!!!  I have been able to keep up with many of my fellow grads and their spouses through e-mails, telephone calls and face to face visits every once in awhile. Though we have traveled different paths and have had varied experiences in our lives,  the common bond of having known each other in our youth and having grown up in Enid, Oklahoma has made us a close group.  What a blessing they are to me. They know who they are and I can only say to each and every one of them, “thank you for being a part of my life.” 

 Leon and I moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Denton, Texas (outside of Dallas) in 2004 and are still adjusting  to our new environment. We have moved twenty times in our married life and enjoy buying a new home and starting over from scratch. I love the interior decorating part of it so that‘s always an incentive for me to relocate. We are both Californians at heart, having lived in that state 23 years of our married life and would prefer living in the Rancho Mirage area of California to anywhere we have lived or visited.  So, we have no idea whether we will stay  in Texas or move back to California in the future.

Leon and I have been married forty seven years.  He has been a good supportive husband and I couldn’t ask for more. I appreciate him very much and can’t imagine life without him. For those of you who know him, I am sure you will agree with me when I say, “he’s one of a kind.”

I wish each of you the best and I look forward to seeing ALL of you, October 4 – 6, 2007, at our BIG 50th in Enid, Oklahoma.

Eck, Richard

{Richard with Myrna Kay Eck at left}
{Richard in his restored 1955 Thunderbird}

Richard Eck

Reading the biographies of my classmates is very interesting; what you did, your experiences, etc. Now for my story.

After graduating from Enid High School, I fulfilled my military obligation in the US Army. I then attended Phillips University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. While in college and for 17 years thereafter, I worked as a senior accountant with Champlin Petroleum Company in Enid. During this time, I continued my studies at Phillips in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Accounting. When Champlin transferred to Fort Worth, Texas, I applied and was accepted into training to become an agent with the Internal Revenue Service. For the next 24 years, I served as an agent in the examination division of IRS, retiring in October, 2003. What an experience!

I married Myrna Kay Born, a 1956 graduate of EHS in 1959. Myrna Kay worked for OG&E 14 years and then for Alva State Bank and Trust Company as an Assistant Vice President for 27 years.

Myrna Kay and I adopted a baby boy, Timothy Scott, in 1968 and a baby girl, Sheila Diana in 1970. Timothy and his wife, Julie, reside in Roswell, Georgia and have a son, Ryan (6) and a daughter, Reagan (2). Tim and Julie graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Tim is a manager with a technology firm and Julie is a CPA. Our daughter Sheila Goldsworthy and her husband Mark reside in Stillwater and are the parents of a daughter Kate (10) and a son Luke (7). Sheila is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma Medical School. Mark is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma. Sheila is an MD (OB/GYN) and Mark is a full time Mr. Mom.

Since my retirement, I have enjoyed my freedom. I, like Jim Lewis and Carl Mitcham, enjoy a classic car hobby. I attend various car shows and homecoming events where I have made many friends. In addition, I volunteer at the Horn of Plenty, the local food bank that feeds the poor and needy. I serve on the board of directors and have chaired the two city-wide food drives each year for the past 4 years. I am also an active member of my church.

In closing, I have had many memories over the years, and EHS memories are some of the best. Finally, I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.

Daugherty, Harold-Hal

Harold (Hal) Daugherty
{Hal is pictured with wife, Darby}
A young Hal is pictured in Navy attire at right.

Born January 3, 1939 to Abner and Lee Ella Daugherty on a farm north of El Reno, OK. One brother, Ronald Daugherty, deceased November 10, 1998. We moved to Long Beach, CA in 1943 . My dad worked in the shipyard. Than we moved to National City, CA, where I started school in 1944. My parents divorced in 1948 after 14 years of marriage. Ron and I moved to Kingfisher, OK to live with our grandparents , Marion and Esther Thomason. I attended 6th 7th and 8th grades and lettered in all sports. In the summer of 1953 we moved to Enid, OK. I started the 9th grade at Emerson Jr. High. Being one of the new guys on the block, I made new friends playing football, basketball and track. Lettered in all 3. I ran around with Bales, Brummett, Sampson, Frantz, Gibson, Ruth, Hinson, Bowart, Huston, Lichtenberg, and George Holmes, to name a few when I wasn’t over at Judy Geigers “my study girl friend”.

High school was a different story. I was not a good student. Main focus was on football and girls {NO NAMES}. I suffered a knee injury my junior year but still lettered. On March 1st, 1956, I quit school, joined the U.S. Navy and never looked back to that time. Received my G.E.D. while in the Navy. My first duty station was the Naval Air Station, Corpus Christie, TX, boat division, sea rescue, beach and re-arm seaplanes. While at Corpus went T.D.Y, to US Naval Underwater swimmers school, SubBase Key West FL. In 1957 after 14 months I left for the Naval Amphibian Base in Coronado, CA. Then to Long Beach CA , Terminal Island. I was assigned to the Special Projects Unit , Atomic Energy Commission for Operation Hardtack 1, Eniwetok proving ground test series of atomic weapons and devices from April until June 1958. After returning to the states, I received my last assigned orders to the N.A.S. Ford Island, Territory of Hawaii. On arrival, I was assigned to the boat division again. However, the Special Services Officer changed my orders to base lifeguard at the swimming pools. I left Hawaii 14 months later with very dark skin. In November 1959, I separated from the Service at Naval Depot, Treasure Island, San Francisco

Upon returning to Enid, OK, I did civil service work at Vance AFB Crash fire department for 5 years. Positions held were crew chief and assigned station captain. Linda Smith (class of 1958) and I were married in 1960. We have 2 children. Dirk, born in 1961, and Denise born in 1962. Because of union labor problems in 1965, I left the Fire Department and started working for The Western Company of North America. – Western specializes in pressure pumping service, acidizing, fracturing, and cementing oil and gas wells. In 1979 Linda and I divorced. In 1980, Darby Ann and I were married at St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Enid, OK. She had 3 children from a previous marriage: Gloria, Kelly, and Michael Hamlin.. In 1986 Western closed the yard in Enid and I was transferred to Yukon, OK. I retired in 1995 at age 56 1/2 with 30 years service and a full pension for life. Positions held with the company included equipment operator 1, 11, 111, 1V,V, District Trainer, Service Supervisor, Field Sales and Service Rep.

Darby and I have lived in the Oklahoma City area for over 21 years. Our 5 children live in Texas and Oklahoma. We have 5 grandsons, 4 granddaughters, 3 sons-in-law, and 1 daughter-in-law. We are enjoying retirement and just returned from the Black Hills where we discovered that we forgot about the motorcycle party at Sturgis, SD. So we shared the road with thousands of motorcycles. We were VERY fortunate to find 1 motel room. We also attended Darby’s all school reunion in Sioux City, Iowa.

I am looking forward to deer season—-the only hunting I do anymore…..So we will see all of you in October.
Take Care and GOD Bless!

Fields Massey, Gretchen

Gretchen Fields-Massey
{Gretchen is pictured with husband Jack Massey}

I lost the love of my life “Billy Vacin” after his accident and then, his decision for me to go on with my life without him after my graduation. I guess I thought I should hurry, so I married the next year and had 3 sons, Clay, Curtis and Gary Cody, by 1964. We lived in Enid.

I went to work when Gary was 5. I worked for Dr. Stafford for 10 years, and left this job to work for Emergent Health as Office Manager. This only lasted 2 years as this was Doctors that ran St. Mary’s ER and their contract was not renewed. While working for doctors I joined American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). I was President for 2 years and also served on the Board of the state AAMA.

After 23 years of marriage I divorced my husband “Willie Parsons” and remarried three years later. My son “Gary” was murdered at age 22 by a gunshot wound to the head. Thank God I had not been working for about a year at that time. I joined Parents of Murdered Children and Compassionate Friends. These are 2 very good support groups and becoming active in these groups was a good decision for me. I started writing some poetry, which was very cathartic. One of my poems was published in the Bereavement Magazine and later I was asked if I wanted it published in a bereavement poetry book, “FOOD FOR THE SOUL”. Losing by son was, by far, my worse life experience but the meetings and poetry helped me a lot. Unfortunately my marriage suffered and again I divorced.

I moved to Oklahoma City and worked for the Oklahoma City Public Schools as an elementary Principal’s Secretary for 10 years. The Johnson School population was about 1/3 disabled children and this experience was quite rewarding. While I was working there I adopted my 2 year old Grandson, Sam. He was born of drug addicted parents and suffered from severe anger and behavioral problems. He has been in and out of the hospitals 4 times and is in again. He will need to be placed out of my home in a group or ranch environment through his teen years with visitation restricted to our family. This has been very difficult for Sam and me but we are very grateful for the help we have been given and for all the lessons we have learned . We will be okay with the help of God and prayers from our friends. God has even brought a man into my life after being by myself for 10 years and handling everything alone.

I moved back to Enid in 2005 and live in my Mother’s Home. My son Curtis lives in Enid with his wife, Toni. They have 2 grown married daughters; one has a son named “Hudson” and Curtis has 1 son age 23 living in Florida. Clay lives in Oklahoma City and is doing great. His children consist of a son 23 and daughter 19 who live in Enid. My Granddaughter has a baby girl, “Serenity” born in December, 2006.

Failing Jackson, Barbara

Barbara Failing

After graduating from high school, I attended Monticello College for Women in Illinois for one year. Then, I attended the University of Oklahoma for two years, and while there, I met my husband Mickey, a Sooner football player. He graduated in January of 1961, and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army. We were married in August of 1961, and moved to FT. Benning, Georgia, and then to Germany for three years, where our daughter, Laura, was born. When we returned home, Mickey went to work for Texaco.

We moved several times over the years and lived in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, and Tennessee. When we lived in Birmingham, Alabama, after being out of college for 17 years, I returned to college and received a degree in elementary education from the University of Alabama in Birmingham; I taught school for 8 years. When Mickey retired in 2004, we lived in Franklin, Tennessee. We moved from Franklin, Tennessee to Frisco, Texas to be near both our families. Our two sons live in Frisco, my brothers, Jerry and George live in Tulsa, and other family members live in Oklahoma and Texas.

We have 3 children, Laura (died in 1989 at the age of 26), Jeff (38), and Jay (36), and 6 grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 21. Mickey and I have been married 46 years and feel so blessed to live close to our family, have good health, and wonderful friends.

I will always have good memories of growing up in Enid, and the life-long friends that I made there. I’m looking forward to seeing each of you, and will miss those who are unable to attend.

Barbara Failing Jackson

McLemore Shore, Arlene

Arlene McLemore Shore

My years of attending school were very difficult for me because of my extreme shyness which kept me from being active or interacting with classmates and school functions. My father’s battle with TB and cancer made it necessary for me to work while in high school. I worked at Moler Drug during high school, becoming acquainted with many people in the community and making many lasting friendships.

At eighteen I married Larry Lacy and we had three beautiful daughters. With few professional skills I set out to self-teach and to attend school as I could afford it. For five years I operated my own successful business, “Lacy’s Day Care and Play School”. Larry and I divorced after ten years of marriage. I met and married Tom Smith, a chiropractor. I became the business manager and received many achievements in the medical field. I was recognized by Governor Nigh and the state chiropractic association for initiating and promoting a state-wide scoliosis awareness program. I became a workshop leader, trained chiropractic assistants in office procedures, and served as state president for the women’s auxiliary of the Chiropractor Association for three years. I worked as the Clinic Administrator for Smith Chiropractic for thirty years.

At the age of 40 Tom and I had a son, Thomas. This birth was very “touch and go” for both mother and child with many complications. I am happy to say that through much prayer and support of many we both overcame all obstacles. My son, Thomas, is a very highly skilled computer expert. After 10 years this marriage ended in divorce, but I continued to work as the Clinic Administrator.

Still struggling with shyness and the inability to express and share feelings, a friend introduced me to Toastmasters (a communication and leadership program). During the first year I just hated it. It was a difficult challenge. But through much encouragement and steadfast determination I found myself in a leadership position and began to develop communications and leadership skills.

I earned the highest personal award; i.e. the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) twice; recognized by Toastmasters in District 16 (state of Oklahoma) as Outstanding Area Governor, Outstanding Division Governor, and Outstanding Toastmaster, Top Achiever and Fun Vest Recipient. Toastmasters International awarded me the Excellence in Marketing Award, Excellence in Education and Training Award, and Distinguished District Governor; serving in all levels of leadership in the state, with the highest level being District Governor.

Through personal growth and self confidence, I have been able to serve my community in various ways: Past chairman of Enid Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors (Ambassador of the Year, 1993); member of Kiwanis Club; member of Ambucs; Lions Club; League of Woman of Voters (president); Square Dance Association in Oklahoma (state coordinator for singles and northwest publicity chair); Queen founder of a Redhat group of 100 members; and received the March of Dimes “Salute to Women of Achievement Philanthropy” from the Garfield County Business Women of the Year. I worked with the Boy Scouts many years with Thomas receiving the Eagle Scout award with Four Palms. I owned and operated Arlene’s Stress Free Exercise business for 10 years.

I served as the director of the Northwest Area Women’s Retreat and as program chairman for the state cabinet program for the Disciples of Christ church.

I am currently married to Harold Shore, a retired Christian Church minister. I am the proud mother of four children, eight grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. I am the proud owner of a black lab (Smokey). My life is filled with working, community involvement and family. The Lord has really been good to me and has allowed me to achieve and experience many things.

Looking forward to 50th Reunion of the 1957 Class

Yoder, Alan

Alan Yoder

After graduating from Tulsa University in 1962 I worked in information technology for a variety of companies. Some of my favorites include AM General where I was Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO). We designed and built the humvee. I also served as CIO for Porter Hospital in Denver, Lovelace Health Systems in Albuquerque, and Sutter Health in Sacramento. The University of California will pay me to quit work in January.

I have been building homes in Durango, Colorado, for about seven years. My son Matt is my partner in that business. My other three children, Heidi, Dave, and Luke have provided six grand daughters and one grand son. (Have pity on the one grandson). My wife, Connie, and I will be moving to Durango where I will be an Associate Pastor with the local Seventh Day Adventist Church. God Bless.

Alan Yoder