Warren, Charles

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{Charles is pictured with wife Ann}

After high school, I enlisted in the Air Force then worked for the government. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. During the next 42 years, I managed to get a college degree in Social Psychology. I was sent to far away places that I could not or would not have gone to. I’ve got the T-shirts to prove it. While stationed in Oregon, I met and married my wife Ann in 1961. We have 3 children and three grand kids.

Am looking forward to the reunion. FIFTY YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW
Charles Warren

Pyle, Charles

Charles Pyle

After completing high school in Enid, I enrolled at OU, sure of becoming an Electrical Engineer. Like other curriculums, the first two years were quite similar with all Engineering. Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics gave me as many problems as they did other new college students. I was fortunate to be a member of the OU band and enjoyed the activities through my OU career. After deciding that EE was not where I belonged, I changed to Music Education for a semester. I found there were so many natural musicians who were much better than I was with long hours of practicing. So once again I changed majors to Industrial Engineering, and stayed there and graduated in 1962. Along the way, I was married in 1959, and our first daughter, Susan, was born in November of 1961. This naturally emphasized the need to decide on a major, to finish, and get a job.

I was hired by a great company, Caterpillar Tractor Company, and went to work in Peoria, Illinois three days after OU graduation. After training, they moved me to Milwaukee for my first, real, full time job. During the stay in Milwaukee, our second daughter, Elizabeth, and our son, Robert were born. After transferring back to Peoria area in 1968, I enjoyed different assignments through the years in either the Industrial Engineering field or in manufacturing supervision. I worked for Cat until retiring after 36 years to enjoy life, grandkids, traveling, and to play more golf.

Susan graduated from University of Illinois in Music education and now is teaching in Lake Bluff, IL. Betsy wanted a family, and retired early from Illinois State University. Bob joined the Air Force and served with them for 8 years, before the USAF cut back, and gave him a nice separation check. He now works for a contract company with assignments within Caterpillar at Peoria. Each of them has four children of their own, seven girls and five boys.

I divorced after 24 years, and was fortunate to meet a wonderful lady who decided to become (as she puts it) “the last Mrs. Pyle”. So now Kathryn and I have the pleasure of a blended family of six children and fourteen grandchildren. Her daughter, Anne, lives in Vail, Colorado, after graduating from CU – Colorado Springs. Her son, Chris, graduated from Truman University in Missouri, received his commission in the Army, and experienced a tour of duty in Iraq. He now works for an employer in an assignment for the State Department in Washington, D.C.

The youngest of Kathryn’s children, Sarah, enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard, and was eventually stationed near us in New Orleans, LA., one month before hurricane Katrina. She and our two young grandsons, who were then three and one years old evacuated with us from our Gulf Coast homes to avoid Katrina’s rage. This gave us a month of close bonding before we were able to return home.

Kathryn and I decided that cleaning up after three hurricanes in a period of six years after we built our retirement home in Diamondhead, MS was sort of a waste of our precious retirement time together. Katrina did a pretty good job of destroying the way of life we had enjoyed there. We sold our home and found a new home on the Elm Lake Golf Course in Columbus, MS. We are now about 200 miles North of the Coast, but warm enough that we can still enjoy our pursuits of golf, travel, and grandkids.

Through all of these years, I have continued playing music for fun and pleasure. I still play the clarinet that I bought in 1956, and have picked up bass guitar and keyboard skills. I noticed that Gerald Hemphill was listed as a favorite teacher by many EHS graduates. I would also echo that and say that I was privileged to have one of the most complete and exciting musical educations in Enid that anyone could hope for. I will always be grateful for those years and the pleasures they brought to so many of us.

Scheffe Anderson, Carolyn

Carolyn Scheffe-Anderson   (Passed away in April 14, 2017)
This biography is dated January 14, 2007.

June 1957 I went to Beetch’s Beauty College, operators, advanced, and instructors courses. I worked in a couple of small shops (can’t remember the names). I worked for Ruth’s Beauty shop in the Wallace Shopping center for a couple of years. I moved to Wichita Kansas (for 2 years) where I passed the Kansas State Board Of Cosmetology. I worked at the Lassen Hotel beauty salon at the same time I was an instructor at the Douglas Beauty academy. I had bleached my hair blonde and wore it shoulder length. What started out just going to a Hair Stylist convention ended with me modeling hairstyles in competition. Lot of sitting, boring, times but it was very interesting in learning a lot of different techniques which I taught to my students at the Beauty academy.

I met my husband Bobby Anderson while living in Wichita. We were married at Calvary Baptist Church in Enid on 12/22/62. We moved to California (San Fernando area) arriving Christmas day 1962. I went back to beauty school, passed the California Cosmetology Board and worked in a large salon in California. It was all nights and weekends which I didn’t like so I quit and became a mother to a girl, Laurie, and 2 boys Daryl and Andy.

After nine years living in the San Fernando Valley, we bought our first home in 1971 in Simi Valley CA. Then, 5 years later we moved to a larger house where we lived for 30 years. Pop Warner style football, youth baseball and girls softball kept us busy for a number of years. Bob graduated from Pepperdine University with a BS degree in Adminstration. Bob worked for Rocketdyne the whole time we lived out here. The company changed hands three times (North American, Rockwell and Boeing). Bob worked on space shuttle and space station programs. Bob retired Jan 99. We took advantage of all the sights and the warm climate for camping. When Andy was 14 I decided to go back to work. Building computers. I also had a chance to return to school and learn to read blue prints, schematics, in addition to soldering and mechanical assembly. I got a job at ITT Gilfillian and worked for 2 years as an Electro/Mechanical Assembler. Applied for inspection and worked as an inspector for 8 years. (Much easier work than hair dressing). In Jan 1994 I took temporary layoff. I was injured in the Jan 17, 1994 Earthquake and began the worst year of my life. I don’t remember much of it.

My youngest son Andy (age 24) was murdered March 3, 1994 in a car jacking while on a fishing trip. (Andy was shot in the back from 144 ft.) The scum bag who killed him is serving life in prison without possibility of parole. At the trial I realized how few rights the victim’s parents and relatives have. I joined Parents of Murdered Children which helped me keep my remaining sanity. I have been working with Collene (Thompson) Campbell on an amendment to the constitution for victim’ rights. When it was voted down, we tried again. We did get a victims rights bill which was passed and took effect right away. We are now enjoying retirement, motor home camping and traveling. We spent a month each summer from 1998 to 2005 camping and fishing with my brother and sister-in-law, plus my sister and brother-in-law at the Lake of the Arbuckles in Sulphur OK… (now we have too many health issues to continue doing that). So we just get out and wander around the Western United States lodging in Thousand Trails campsites. They have full hook ups. Lots to do. We have two grand daughters who keep us busy. The youngest is 2 and really keeps us on our toes. The older is 11, sings with the Los Robles Children’s choir.(3 years). We are busy taking her to practices and concerts. She is in her third year of piano and voice lessons. Her goal is to go to Berkley School of Music in Massachusetts.

Campbell Roller, Carolyn

Carolyn Campbell-Roller

I attended Enid schools all twelve years … McKinley Grade school, Emerson Junior high, and Enid High school. After high school graduation, I attended Oklahoma State University four years, graduating in May, 1961 with a degree in Sociology. Richard (Dick) Roller and I were married the Sunday after my graduation. We celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary this year.

Dick received his degree from OSU and his ROTC Army Commission as an infantry officer. We were sent to Ft. Benning, Georgia and Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. We loved living in the South. Dick ultimately decided against a military career and returned to OSU in 1964 for graduate School. We have spent Dick’s CPA career in Oklahoma and Kansas, living in Topeka, Kansas the past 29 years.

We have two daughters. Tamara is single and an RN in ICU at a Topeka hospital. We are blessed to have her living in the same town with us. Our daughter, Tracie is married to Mike and they have three daughters, a son, and a baby due the end of November! They live in Kansas City, about an hour from us. Their 3 1/2 year old son, Gideon was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) which is a very severe heart defect….born with half a heart. He has had three open heart surgeries (the last on July 17) and will eventually need a heart transplant.

Since graduating from OSU, my main job has been wife and Mother. When I was employed, my jobs had a lot of flexibility. I spent 10+ years working for the Santa Fe Railway, many of those years on a call-in basis. I would receive the call and have an hour to be there ready to do whatever clerical job they assigned that day. I spent another 10+ years working part-time for a local hospital in administration.

Our volunteer activities have revolved around our church and politics. We currently sing in the choir and are on the Mission’s Committee at our church. We both retired in March, 2001 and have enjoyed quite a bit of travel since then. Dick surprised me with a two week trip to Paris to celebrate our retirement and our 40th anniversary. Since then we have been on several mission trips to print shops in Belgium and France where Bibles and other Christian literature are produced and distributed to the French speaking world, much of it going to Africa. Last fall we spent seven weeks in Marpent, France, serving as the host couple for mission teams coming from the US to work in the print shop. We were responsible for meals, transportation and the day-to-day needs of teams of eight persons for twelve-day periods. We had ample time to explore the area using the car from the mission. We also took the train to Paris and made trips to Rouen and Chartrez.

I have enjoyed reading the biographies already submitted and look forward to seeing many of you at the 50th reunion!

Schenck Ross, Carol

 Carol Ross-Schenck

After graduating from high school, I worked in the banking industry for several years. I married Dick Wickline in 1959. I met him while he was stationed at Vance AFB. We have two daughters – Kelly (now 43) and Julie who is 39. Dick and I divorced in 1970, at which time I moved to Oklahoma City with the girls.

In 1974, while living in Oklahoma City, I met Leonard Schenck. He was recently divorced with two daughters about the same age as mine. We were married in 1975. Leonard and I have lived in Oklahoma City, Wichita, Phoenix, and now Colorado Springs. We have been self employed the entire 26 years we have lived in Colorado Springs.

We have 7 grandchildren ranging in age from 5 to 18. We enjoy being entertained by the three who live close by. We also enjoying traveling, which we do a lot of in our business. I have much to be thankful for in our businesses, our family and our good health. I look forward to a great 50th reunion.

Zimmerman, Bob

Addendum for Bob Zimmerman Biography – EHS Class of 1957

I attended EHS my entire sophomore year (1954-1955). I was in the band that entire school year. My Mother, Sister and I left Enid in 1955 to join my step-father in Goose Bay, Labrador.

I met with Ray Zeisset Friday, Oct. 12, 2007 who had been a sophomore at EHS in 1955. We temporarily swapped his 1955 EHS Quill for my 1957 EHS quill. In looking at the 1955 quill, I discovered a group picture in the Junior section with me included.

I attended the 1955 EHS Junior class (probably just the first semester) before leaving for Labrador. I have distinct memories of going to Dallas on the band trip to play in the Cotton Bowl and visiting the Texas State fair. That trip was definitely in 1954. I came across a picture in my scrapbook of my Grandmother and myself standing on the front porch at 408 W. Oak in Enid (the house is no longer there), dated January 1955. This pretty much proves I hadn’t left for Labrador yet, but departure date must have been close.

We arrived in Goose Bay, Labrador (approx. Latitude is 53 deg. N and Longitude is 62 deg. W) where I finished my Junior year at the Canadian School on the Canadian side of the Air Base. Evidently, I didn’t have enough scholastic credits from my first half year at EHS. I had been in the band, taking Trade Printing, and only basic required class studies were required. What I picked up the 2nd half of 1955 at the Canadian school must have been insufficient. (They were teaching 12th grade classes at the time, and were very scholastically strict.) I think this is the school year I LOST, and they didn’t allow me to continue into my Senior year at Goose Bay because of my grades, so I had to repeat my Junior year again in 1955 and 1956.

We returned to the U.S. in August, 1956. I also found a picture of us at Rockefeller Center dated August 1956 – where we visited on our return trip to Enid. My stepfather had been reassigned to Lincoln AFB in Lincoln, NE. I didn’t want to change schools again, so I lived in a small apartment with my Grandmother at 502 W. Pine in Enid (the house is no longer there) and completed my Senior year at EHS. I studied Trade Printing and worked at the News and Eagle.

So, in closing, I was in the Junior class at EHS for 1/2 year but I graduated in 1957 with the 1955 Sophomore class. Had I stayed in Enid, I would have graduated in 1956….but that is water under the bridge now!

I think this case is solved. Our comings and goings to and from Goose Bay did not coincide with school years, and the school systems were vastly different.

Tyler, Robert R.-Bob

Robert R. (Bob) Tyler

Mr. Tyler has enjoyed a successful career as an executive in the information industry. Along the way, he has also contributed his skills to the non-profit-sector and philanthropic causes. In addition, he has experience with Estate & Lifestyle management of special corporate assets – yachts, estates, staff and events.

Mr. Tyler began his career at Ford Motor Company while completing his college degree in Business Administration at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. After graduating he accepted the position of Marketing Director at Prakken Publications in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Later, Mr. Tyler joined Gale Research, a pioneering reference book publisher. As Vice-President of Marketing, he played a key role in the company’s rapid growth. He organized the marketing operations into an efficient unit that handled direct mail sales, telemarketing operations, order processing and fulfillment, customer service, corporate computer operations, warehousing, letter-shop operations and accounts receivable.

His influence extended into strategic planning, product development and pricing with special knowledge and skill in subscription and membership development. www.galegroup.com. As Executive Vice-President – Associate Publisher, of Omnigraphics, Inc., Mr. Tyler participated in corporate acquisitions, product development and technology planning. He promoted the concept of an “editorial knowledge base”, using Omnigraphics’ business database to rapidly conceive, produce, and market new information products. He also developed corporate internet, intranet, and extranet strategies and directed the creation of three web sites powered by directory data and a proprietary corporate web site: i.e. www.omnigraphics.com.

Lifestyle and Estate Management is an unique area of experience of Mr. Tyler. Because of a special relationship with the founder and family of Gale Research, he acted as confidant and advisor in business and personal lifestyle environments. Excellent negotiation, mediation, collaboration and management skills combined with dedication and loyalty created a history of valued service.

In addition, Mr. Tyler has been President of “Gold Coast” magazine, an upscale lifestyle City publication serving southeast Florida including Jupiter, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Ft Lauderdale and Miami. He has provided leadership in non-profit organizations such as: Member of the Carmel Public Library Foundation Board, more recently a contributor and advisor to the Veterans Transition Center at Fort Ord, Seaside and active with the Pacific Grove Art Center, Monterey, CA Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Tyler was President of the Greenfield Business District Association in Detroit

Bob has been a member of the World Futurist Society, the International Society for General Semantics and American Library Association. He has also served as a Commissioner of Economic Development on the Economic Development Commission for the city of Westland, MI. He is the founder of the Peace Research Foundation: i.e. www.peaceresearchfoundation.org. Most recently he founded and published a web site regarding information for Elder Care, “http://www.eldercareusa.info”. He is currently working on projects forthcoming from Advanced Futures Research Lab which he founded.